VOLKS­LIFT Passenger Elevators start in design, development and technology. We ensure the safety, efficiency and comfort to create outstanding products and technical solutions.

With VOLKS­LIFT machine room less (MRL) elevators there is no need for a machine room at the top of the building, which enables more possibilities for the design of modern buildings.

Panorama Elevators start in design, development and technology. We excavated deeply the possibilities of transparent cars and shafts  for technical solutions.

VOLKSLIFT VB-Series bed elevators meets highest requirements of modern hospitals and care institutions. Feel the comfort, accessibility, reliability and durability.

VOLKS­LIFT creates Home Elevators, believing that every technological progress and innovative design originate from the inevitable human desire for care & convenience.

High scale market demands of Freight Lift and with many years of lift production experience, VOLKSLIFT VH series freight lift are fully developed and highly competitive.

VW-Series are the ideal Dumbwaiter Elevators and specially provide rapid, convenient and economic vertical transport means of dinnerware, money, and so on.

VOLKSLIFT car elevators of VHC-Series are designed with generous measures. The sufficiently big cabin and wide door opening make loading and unloading easier for the driver.

With cutting-edge technologies, innovative functions and outstanding design philosophy VOLKSLIFT escalators are the perfect solution to the transport in shopping malls, hotels, etc.

Moving walkways became an essential part of public transportation in train stations, airports and shopping malls. It provide the highest traffic throughput and safest way.

Stairlift has an elegant seat design with very narrow rail system that occupies minimum space on the staircase. Provides the user with a soft ride up and down the stairs.

The Omega platform lift is the most versatile lift on the market. The very compact and space saving design allows the unit to be installed in almost any staircase.

High Speed Elevators

  • Comfortable riding means
  • Multiple safety means

The outer shape of the cabin is optimized aerodynamically to effectively restrain wakes.