German virtues spread to global markets

Volkslift International (Phils.), Inc.  business activity is Supplying, Installing and
Maintaining Elevators & Escalators produced by VOLKSLIFT. A joint venture invested and built by German Volkslift brand with more than 80 years in history and China mainland lift factory with more than 30 years accumulation.


Passenger Elevators

Our mission is to provide solutions, which support the vertical transportation of individuals with excellent products and bring passengers safely, efficiently and comfortably to their destination.
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Machine Roomless Elevators

With Machine Room Less (MRL) elevators there is no need for a machine room at the top of the building, which enables more possibilities for the design of modern buildings.
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Panoramic Elevators

VOLKS­LIFT panorama elevators start in design, development and technology. Our engineers excavated deeply the possibilities of transparent cars and shafts to expose stunning views and technical solutions.
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Bed Elevators

Bed Elevators meets highest requirements of modern hospitals and care institutions. Years of experience are reflected in comfort, accessibility, reliability and durability. Intelligent technology, interpretation of the perfect realm.
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Who We Are

VOLKSLIFT combines the advantages of a long history of outstanding engineering skills in Germany with the rapid growth and attractive surrounding of elevator industry in different countries.

Elevator business is based on real estate development in terms of market volume and based in industrial business in terms of design, production, installation and after sales service.

Projects Delivered
Industry Awards

Why We Are Different



Truly classic quality from Germany, Volkslift products are now widely services in overseas and national all kinds of buildings, the transportation project, favored by customers.



Volkslift has become an industry leader based on its strong focus on safety, quality, integrity and its commitment to developing its people and creating value for its customers.



Volkslift counts with an array of test and quality certificates in order to continuously improve our technological lift innovations and quality.



Volkslift engineers excavated deeply the possibilities of safety, efficiency and comfort to create outstanding products and technical solutions.

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